Rag Brahmbhatt

Mature Copywriter + Amateur Art Director

Eco Pops

Sustainable lollipops that double up as tree seeds.

Client: Chupa Chups

With: Nidhi Shah (illustrations)

Role: Copywriting + Art Direction

Award: Being called a ‘Well Rounded Art Director’

The problem, observation, and the idea

With Gen Z bringing back retro aesthetics and making lollipops cool again, Chupa Chups launched Eco Pops, a range of completely sustainable lollipops that double up as plantable seeds, to help them battle their climate anxiety.

For once, the juvenile expression of ‘suck it’ became the first step to help the planet.

Explanation of what Eco Pops are made of, showing a bio-degradable stick with eastern white pine seeds in it
Eco Pops placed near gardening aisle at the supermarkets

Eco Pops placed near gardening aisle at the supermarkets.

Eco Pops posters near Schools and Universities

Posters near Schools and Universities.

Eco Pops social media

Memefying Eco Pops on social media.