Could it be this easy?

Four radio spots to “document” the effects of a laxative

Agency: Serviceplan

Client: Sandoz Deutschland

With: Nidhi Shah

Role: Copywriting

Award: Made the whole Cannes Palais laugh at a poop joke

In a world where discussing constipation is often met with awkwardness, and all laxative ads sound the same, it becomes difficult to stand out. The client was looking for a fresh approach. Could it be this easy? was pitched on the second day of our internship, and the radio spots were instantly loved internally. Few weeks later, the people at recording studio were laughing. Few months later, it won a Cannes Gold Lion. (And another shortlist!)

Special thanks to:

  • Philipp Feit (CCO, German Wahnsinn)
  • Michael Wilk (Global Head of Art, Serviceplan)
  • Till Diestel (CCO, Serviceplan)

People involved:

  • Alex Schill
  • Nathalie Strybos
  • Marc Thomasset
  • Mike Rogers
  • Matthias Jester-Pfadt
  • Rabea Debus
  • Simon Grund
  • Guy Harris
  • Sabine Gwinner
  • Susan Horn
  • Martina Ahrens
  • Sabrina Duchow
  • Maximilian Florian Schöngen
  • Lukas Pachoinig

I still wake up at night and pinch myself about this!